LinkedIn’s New Dashboard Provides In – Depth Statistics. Will This Help Companies To Grow?

The real success of any company becomes clear only when its proven with facts & figures. However, mere numbers rarely give the full picture. Having tasted success in India & globally, LinkedIn understands this & has introduced a ‘New Dashboard‘ specially for Group Administrators to observe & monitor the groups activities & dynamics.

Enthusiastic about the new development, LinkedIn Data Visualization Designer Anita Lillie said, “We’ve designed each infographic view to highlight the most important signals you’ll need to help you understand your group better.”

The new Group Statistics tool provides information about: demographics, growth, and activity.  “As a data visualization designer at LinkedIn, this has been a very fun tool to design.  In the coming weeks, look for my LinkedIn blog design post where I’ll delve into our journey to the design you see today” she adds.

  • Main tab is the Total Summary, which gives clear idea about total number of members, the inception date, & a brief summaries of the other tabs. 
  •  Demographics tab gives a simple visual about the seniority level, function/role, location, and industry of the various members (professionals) in the group.  One can also get information which groups are local & relevant affiliation.
  • Growth tab, charts out graphically the growth (or lack thereof) pattern of the group & finally the Activity tab highlights number of comments, discussions, jobs posted & promotion updates that people might have mentioned.

Guess Anna Hazare could use this very well to highlight the support he has garnered from educated youth of India.

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