Facebook Restores The Old News Feed

Facebook is constantly changing the user experience of the service over the years. But not all of these changes have been welcomed with open arms. Facebook has been facing stiff competition from Google Plus and hence they are continuously making changes to the user experience.

Facebook released their new Timeline feature at the f8 developer event more than a month ago. This led to an entire series of of changes like the new news-feed. These news-feed will  display stories and events calibrated to how and when you use Facebook. The top stories go down in preference to your close friend’s updates. The aim of Facebook is to become your ‘new personal newspaper‘ rather. They would rather summarize the top events since you last logged in than show you the current top stories. Although this approach is valid, users have complained about being frustrated with this feature because it takes control away from the users. That is a sacred line that no software or service should cross.

 We have a couple of screen shots documenting the change. Check them out.

These protest and complains have been finally heeded and Facebook has released an update which returns the older news feed to users. The update has not hit everyone yet and will possibly be rolled out to everyone over a few days. This update will give people the option to view the recent stories as compared to the non-chronological top stories from before. There is now an option to switch between Highlighted stories and recent stories.

A Facebook spokesperson explained their move by saying,  “We hope this update makes News Feed easier to navigate while still showing all the news in one place… As always, we will listen to feedback and refine as needed.”

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  1. November 10, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Thank god FB stopped believing it was God and finally brought back some of the sanity to it’s UI. They can’t blame Google plus for competition..esp when all FB has done is force it’s UI down the users throats without an option of reverting back to the old design templates.

    Hopefully common sense will continue to prevail :)

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