Wants To Be A Stop Destination To Know And Buy Tablet PCs. Will It Be Yours? came into being to offer end to end information as well as support on Tablet PCs. This would include Tablet PCs from a gamut of manufacturers. As people are enjoying the web more on the go, Tablets are becoming a common possession.
So has a vision to help technology fanatics with all the specifications on Tablets along with a high end comparison charts. This company was initiated by EasyTech Solutions from Delhi and began by selling cheap tablets.

India seems to have moved a long way in reducing the urban and rural gap when it comes to technology. Akash-the cheapest Tablet device is now available at HT exclaimed, “A successful model like this could be taken to other developing countries and also beyond education to diverse e-governance initiatives.”

The Indian Tablet market has grown with products from Apple, Samsung, RIM and many more. However,  cheap tablets are predicted to make a mark in a price conscious nation like India.

Will you purchase your tablets from Let us know.

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