On –The – Move Technology Is Worrying Companies

Companies earlier had employees that came to office everyday & worked on Work-Stations that ran through corporate servers. However, the recent trend of employee’s working-on-the-go has unleashed a new cause of worry.

Employees today prefer Communication & productive gadgets that enable them to work almost everywhere. Though companies usually look on approvingly since it enables their employees to be productive (& accessible) almost 24×7, the risk of data-theft on these devices, many of whom run on an “Open Operating Systems” is very real.

According to Ambarish Deshpande, Director (sales), McAfee India who states, “Most employees want a choice of devices beyond that stipulated by the company. Organizations are beginning to like the trend, since their workers can become more productive. However, this has increased the threat of data security, as most of these devices have enough storage capacity and can fall into the hands of unintended persons“.

With mobile workforce crossing 1 billion this year, the threat is getting imminent &  people preferring personal mobile devices to access enterprise systems are adding oil to fire. A recent Business Data Loss Survey (250 companies) from Cibecs, a company that provides on-site data backup solutions for desktops and laptops, revealed that 60% of companies now use laptops as their Primary business communication device. The disturbing trend that emerged was, though companies try to safeguard data by asking employees to take backup on a company owned server, many (34%) revealed that employees do not follow the IT Policy. Though not a threat, this mobile-technology subsequently causes data-loss, the monetary implications which simply cannot be fathomed. Further, the complications will develop as Laptops are replaced by mobile phones & tablets for all work-related computing or emails.

WATBlog has always been vigilant & we have attempted to highlight the same earlier. Even Google & Govt. of India thinks so. With personal usage of company-issued devices to searching jobs on company time, it looks like Organizations have a lot to deal with. What do you think?

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