The Rise Of Celebrity ‘Subscribing’ On Facebook

If there was one thing that twitter had and facebook didn’t was the celebrity clout. It had everyone from politicians to cricketers to filmstars tweeting away on the platform. So even though facebook was 10 times the size of twitter in India, it still never made a media splash which twitter made with all the celebrities shooting their mouth off on the platform. But facebook was bound to do something about this. Hence it recently introduced the subscribe feature. Subscribe feature allows you to subscribe to the public updates of any person on facebook even though he or she may not be your friend. This feature is strikingly similar to follow by twitter which got all the celebrities in a race for maximum followers.

Now it seems facebook is making sure that celebrities and the ‘real’ facebook accounts get the visibility it deserves for this feature to have the impact it was intended to. Check the screenshot below.

Clearly facebook is making sure the the celeb crazy Indian audiences have their daily dose of their celeb chatter on facebook as well. This must be the case across the world with many celebrities leveraging facebook to add another channel of fan following to their updates.

Have you started following oops I mean subscribing to your favourite celeb on facebook yet?

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