Steve Jobs Biography Available On Kindle & iBooks

Steve Job’s first ever official biography by Walter Isaacson is all set to release today. People have been reporting that the kindle version of the books (for those who have pre-ordered from Amazon) is already available on their devices. The book will be officially launched today and this can be considered for be an early screening for Amazon customers.

If you have a Kindle or an iDevice you could still order it now through the Amazon website or on iTunes. This highly anticipated book is all set to break many sales records. It comes 2 weeks after Steve Job’s death due to cancer. The book is supposed to be the definitive description of Steve Job’s life.

Steve was always very guarded about his personal life and this made him an enigma in tech circles. Whatever we know of him as a person has always been through his keynote speeches, a handful of interviews and quotes. It would be enlightening to know what the man was like in general. Many qualities have been attributed to him such as being a visionary, a creative genius, a Micro-Manager, a ruthless boss etc. We will be waiting for the release of the book which throws more light on the former Apple CEO’s life and habits.

The analog version of the book will probably be available to order via the Amazon webstore tonight after its official launch. We will keep you updated with the developments.

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