Vserv.mobi Generates‭ ‬5‭ ‬US$‭ ‬eCPM Global Monetisation For Twist Mobile On Nokia’s Ovi Store

The mobile advertising scene is getting very competitive and interesting in India and innovation alone can save a company from failure. Vserv.mobi is one such company who have delivered ad based marketing results for their clients. They have generated maximum ad monetization for South-east Asian app development company Twist Mobile which has a portfolio of 15 apps on Nokia’s Ovi platform. Twist Mobile recently became the first Asian company to receive 10 million downloads.

 J2ME technology is still very much in use in India and Vserv.mobi has taken advantage of this fact by creating a global ad network based on in-app advertising on Java applications. India is the biggest market for these Java apps followed by Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico & Brazil.

Virat Khutal, CEO, Twist Mobile, commented on this partnership, “ An Apps developent company has nightmares remembering code and implementing new ad engines. We were searching for Ad Engine Company, which can implement ads without changing source code. It should be simple to integrate without worrying about QC post integration. Vserv’s AdWrapper™ is very exciting for us to put jad/jar in one folder and enable ads on one click. It automatically wraps jad/jar and puts in wrapped folder. Today we make more than 30K USD per month with help of this technology and precise marketing inside apps/games. We really thank Vserv for this AdWrapper™ technology and futuristic approach.”

Dippak Khurana, CEO & MD, Vserv.mobi also commented that, “Vserv’s AdWrapper™ – World’s simplest Ad integration – makes Global ad-earnings possible from day 1 for games & apps with over 90% fill rate garnering $ 5 eCPM. International Developers like Glu Mobile, Playbuff, started launching their apps on Ovi, leveraging Vserv’s AdWrapper™. Vserv’s R&D team continuously is charting out technologies to lead developers across geography to the monetisation path.

Generally, full Screen uncluttered Ads displayed at the perfect moment generate the highest eCPM. Multiple calls to action in native UI and capability for Video Ads further increase the value of inventory. The format also gives end users the best App experience possible, completely ad free when engrossed into the game/app. Vserv. mobi has a business model which gives the app developer access to free app mediation, house ads and analytical research. Developing an app is complicated work when you considering allocating screen space and resource utilization for the ad engines. Vserv’s products do away with all these aspects and allow the developer to focus completely on the creating the app thus increasing quality and efficiency.

 Vserv.Mobi presently holds a  portfolio of 7000+ apps and games across the Android and Java platforms.


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