Do We Need ANOTHER Classifieds Website For India? Apparently Yes.

Baluja Labs has recently launched a new web portal This portal is meant to, wait for it, enable Indians to buy & sell (sounds familiar!).

Seemingly influenced by the recent report by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) which stated stated that Internet Ad revenues have gone up by 23% to 14.9 billion US Dollars in the first half of second quarter of 2011, everyone wants to jump in & grab a slice of the huge pie! Bharat Prasad, the owner of the site said: “The concept which we follow is both the Business to Customer (B2C) as well as the Customer to Customer (C2C) Free Classifieds advertisement which will reach new heights in India because of the reach of the already running web projects of Baluja Labs”.

The site has been designed & developed by Broad Vision which is a web-design firm which also provides services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, and search engine media.  At present, on the site, links to virtually all possible categories can be found. The site’s navigation seems very rudimentary & clicking on most of the present links brings up posts by “Make Money Online” postings.

The “categories” range from Buy/Sell of Antiques, Cars, electronics etc. to even quirky items like erotic massages, gay/lesbian dating!. The site does have some “noble” categories too, like: Missing People, part-time jobs for elderly, lost & found. These categories seem to be mere “Search Tags” & most of them are either empty or filled with bogus entries.

Overall the site gives off a very unreliable vibe & unless strict monitoring is enforced to weed out scamsters & a better streamlined design is chosen, competition like Quikr, ReleaseMyAd, ClickIndia, ibibo, MJunction,  & other giants like EBay will relegate this site to a burial ground of internet ventures that simply did not work.

Thumbs up or down? Let us know your thoughts.

Author: Alap Naik Desai

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