Welcoming Sanjay Mehta, Founder & Joint CEO, Social Wavelength As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

Socialization of the Web’ is one of the topics up for panel discussion this year at WATSummit.  This discussion will definitely be both interesting and enlightening because of the dynamic nature of technological progress and avenues for communication on the web. And therefore, it gives us great pleasure in introducing Sanjay Mehta as one of the panelists for this discussion.

Sanjay Mehta

Founder and Joint CEO of Social Wavelength | Veteran Internet Entrepreneur |Creative Net-worker |Blogger | Mentor

We ask him his reasons for participating in WATSummit 2012.

1. Three reasons why should delegates look forward to meet you at the summit:

I should be able to share interesting insights on where I see Social Media going, and more importantly, where I see brands going, with Social Media. I will be able to share experiences from real work in digital and social media space, going beyond theory and speculation, to actual case studies. I am friendly and approachable, and will be happy to interact with delegates.

2. Three kinds of delegates you’re interested in meeting during the summit:

  •  Brand Managers, Marketers, Advertisers.
  •  Fellow agency folk, both from specialist social media agenciees.
  •  Advertising and PR agencies, Entrepreneurs, interns, students.

3. What in your view is the “Dawn of Digital Age” ?

I commend WATSummit to have chosen the most appropriate theme, which I completely agree with, viz. “Dawn of Digital Age“. Let’s consider some random, unconnected facts;

ASSOCHAM says that brands will spend 30-40% of their marketing budgets on digital. This from small single digit percentages we know of!The CEO and MD of India’s leading advertiser says that he hardly sees any television advertising, since he watches most of his television on recorded DVR. He also speculates about a situation where India could perhaps have more digital spend than television spends on marketing. Brands in old economy businesses like Cement and Paint, selling largely to contractors, are keen to set up digital platforms for their brands and also participate in the social media space. And allocate decent budgets for these initiatives too.

Let’s consider few other things. Television companies share their programs on the web, on YouTube, etc. Newspapers have their own epaper versions. TVCs have a Facebook related call to action. Out of Home advertising has gone digital. QR codes are printed in newspapers, to connect the user to a digital front again.Clearly digital media is become ubiquitous and all pervasive.  And in particular the social media part of digital! Increased usage of social networks, variety of sharing tools from Facebook to Twitter to Google+ ensure that word of mouth becomes world-of-mouth. In the face of reducing returns on investment in traditional media, the time is ripe for brands to look for alternatives. Alternatives that can deliver better results at lower costs.  That is the dawn now, of the digital age. It is exciting times. It is great to be in the industry at this time. Looking forward to speaking at the event that celebrates the Dawn of Digital Age.

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