First Indian 4G Equipment Deal Signed By Ericsson

We had reported earlier about the status of 4G networks in India, and debated whether it is too soon or if we should embrace it. Today we have further news which takes the debate to a new level.

Global Corporation Ericsson, known for its Telecom Equipment, has reportedly signed India’s first bagged LD-LTE contract equipment contract. LD-LTE is 4th Generation Connectivity, commonly referred to as 4G.

While Ericsson didn’t mention the name of the customer, or how much the contract is worth, this is a huge step as it reflects that the industry is serious about 4G. They are not just viewing it as a pipe dream which may take shape in the distant future. The equipment required for deploying 4G is costly and the deal probably runs into ten figures, so we can be sure whoever bought it is fairly certain that 4G is on the horizon as a bright shining star.

There were several companies who won 4G Spectrum at the auction held last year: Reliance Industries, Bharti Airtel, Tikona and Qualcomm. A Press Event will be held in New Delhi tomorrow, on Tuesday, with further details.

Who do you think has signed the Equipment Contract?

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