Android Smartphones Presents More Cricket Games, Further Penetrating Into Indian Market

Android smartphones have penetrated the Indian market in a very short span. Considering that a year ago, no one in India even knew what Android was, now its the word on everyone’s mouth. This is because of Android’s open source nature.

Almost all manufacturers have started making Android devices as they instantly get access to lakhs and lakhs of games and apps, most of them free. This is a major incentive for customers. Today we are going to take you through an MSN India list of top Cricket Games on Android:, the best part being,we can download these apps Free of Cost!

1) Cricket T20 Fever 3D

By Indiagames, this game aims to help you relive the T20 World Cup. It features full 3D Graphics and realistic ball physics. One can play in 6 venues like Lords and Eden Gardens. There is a Power Play batting mode, TV Style camera, online submission of scores and even cheerleaders. You can download it from here.

2) Cricket WorldCup Fever
Calling itself the best cricket game for Android,  this option has a lot to offer.  It has Full Dynamic Fielding showcased in Motion captured animations. It too has ‘Full HD Graphics’ with high quality 3d characters and stadiums showcasing the game of cricket like never seen or experienced before. It even has Ball-by-ball Over Analysis. You can download it from here.
3) Cricket IPL T20Fever
This is the official game of the Indian Premier League Season 4. One can chose from the 10 IPL teams. 4 Game modes – “Quick Match”, “PowerPlay” “IPL Tournament” and the turn based styled “Pass-N-Play” modes. However, users have said that even on the highest difficulty, it is too easy. You can download it from here.
4) World Cricket Championship Lt
Made by Nextwave Multimedia, this game boasts of all around availability. One can play it on Android devices, iOS devices, from the Mac App Store, Intel AppUp store, Chrome Store and soon on the Ovi/Nokia Store too. With large, touch friendly controls, this game too has got high ratings on the Android Market. You can download it from here.
Are you a regular mobile gamer? Do you have any more cricket suggestions on Android for our readers? Do let us know.


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