ZipDial Will Help Marketers Crack Mobile – Marketing Inspite Of The New TRAI Regulations

Soon to be implemented TRAI regulations and policies to protect consumers from SPAM marketing SMS and calls, is giving lot of marketers sleepless nights. Obviously, the law is being enforced with the intention of protecting consumers from Spam and making telemarketing consumer-friendly. It is indeed bad news for many companies since they rely heavily on SMS for brand engagement and promotion.

New TRAI rules which will get enforced from September 27th, 2011  mainly restricts total outgoing SMS’s to 100 a day and no telemarketing call from 9PM to 9AM. Primary impact of these regulations will be felt in the e-commerce world and not in a positive manner.

There are several cases where web businesses rely on sending SMS to customers for verification of the customer’s mobile phone which will now under the new regulations, will be considered promotional and be restricted, including:

  • Customer registration
  • Lead generation
  • Purchases or transactions
  • Change in password or account details

So during the times you need to verify your mobile number to a website for transaction, you are usually sent a SMS which carries a verification code, which again you feed back in the system. Which essentially means marketers will have to shut shop from 9PM to 9AM to avoid heavy fines which will be levied on the offenders. If you are a marketer, then we don’t blame you if these new rules and regulations seems like doomsday prophecy to you.

Welcome “ZipDial” a Bengaluru based startup which has an interesting technology to help marketers serve  customers. Company’s in-house patent pending technology basically helps marketers to engage with consumers on a mobile platform irrespective of handsets and network providers and dramatically shifts the cost of interaction from consumers to marketers.

Zipdial works on  a “miss call. Confused? Its quite simple actually.

Zip dialing is a request based transactional experience. When the users zip dials a number, the business responds with the service requested. The service could be either a one-time update like cricket score, or bank information, or could  extend to a whole host of services from playing games to giving customer service feedback. Customers are given a toll free number for interaction once you call on the number, call gets disconnected automatically and the user gets an SMS depending on the campaign to which customer can again responds through a “missed call’.

Interview Conducted by WATBlog:

Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, Founder & CEO, ZipDial stated “ Our platform is a sustainable one as it takes the cost of experience away from the customers to marketers hence driving the consumer mass market participation” . While the company has already worked with big corporates  such as P&G , KFC etc Valerie  informs that zipdial played major role in TOI’s campaign to support Anna Hazare and rallied 4.6 million people. Also in an initiative of  “Youth National Congress” where people were asked if the “elections were fair” ZipDial improved the rate of participation to 8% against “.5%”.

Being asked about company’s future plans Valarie mentioned “We are looking forward to roll out more campaigns for SME’s as zipdial can become a cheaper and quicker CRM solution for these enterprises and our goal is to have small companies to register on our platform and  subscribe for as low as Rs. 1000 and put a campaign live for their consumers live in 2 minutes”.

With mobile marketing becoming of unprecedented importance to marketers due to sheer numbers and heavy changes to regulations from TRAI, ZipDial might just lead a new wave of mobile marketing.  How quickly  this picks up though, still waits to be seen.

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