Unisys Will Start Streaming 200 Movies On Youtube BoxOffice & Yahoo Movies

Unisys Infosolutions, (digital VAS content and enterprise messaging solutions) have just acquired the rights to stream 200 full-length movies on online movie hosting sites like Youtube BoxOffice and Yahoo Movies. 

Speaking about the acquisition, Shelley Chaudhary, founder and managing director of the company said,  “The acquisition of over 200 movie rights is a step ahead in meeting the channel’s goal of offering unmatched premium content to our viewers. More than 100 of these full-length videos will be available on Youtube BoxOffice and Yahoo! Movies by month-end itself.”

Consumption of digital content has hit the roof in India. Companies and people are realizing that the transition from mainline media to digital media will happen soon and this is the perfect opportunity to leverage from it. Streaming is a very good solution as opposed to buying physical CDs/DVDs or downloading the movie. This insight led Netflix to start streaming movies in USA. Indian companies should look into solutions which will make content consumption cheap for the consumer and lucrative for the provider. The country’s Internet infrastructure is also improving as seen by advent of 3G this year. It focuses on Content acquisition, distribution and other digital services.

Recently, Youtube have screened Youtube BoxOffice connecting with its users.  UnisysMusic offers a large selection of music in varied languages. With this acquisition the company is all set to merge the latest music and movies content with the best technology the web has to offer. But it was also reported that, Yahoo presented Movieplex as a competitor for Youtube BoxOffice, so the streaming of 200 movies on both the platform clearly points out that it is leveraging the digital medium for making entertainment widely available.

Does this acquisition clears the air between Yahoo Movies and Youtube BoxOffice or vice- versa?



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