‘Huddle’ Converted Into Google+ Group Messenger, But Will That Have Any Use?

Google started the day with a number of announcements with the 100th feature of Google+ social. This was simultaneously followed by other features like 101, 102 and then 107th feature was the change of name for the Google+ Group messaging app Huddle.

Google had announced about its Huddle product in July which raised a serious concern to the enterprise collaboration software startup called Huddle. Huddle.com unleashed this in its blog saying, “The Huddle team has worked hard to build its brand visibility worldwide and maintaining this is extremely important. We have contacted Google about this matter, and our hope and preference, of course, is that this issue reaches a timely and amicable resolution.”

On this Google had a calm approach and they reverted saying , “ We think we should find a better name for this product.” So Google+ group messaging is metamorphosed as drum-roll now. Huddle.com co-founder seemed pleased on this amicable conclusion without having to be in conflict with a giant like Google.

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