Samsung Catching Up With Nokia

Korean consumer electronics major, Samsung has clearly had a very good year. According to the Voice & Data study that was done recently, Samsung is narrowing the gap that existed between itself and Finnish phone major, Nokia.

Samsung India has posted a growth of 21.7 percent to register revenues of Rs. 5720 crore in 2010-11 as compared to the Rs. 4700 crore that they bought in during the last fiscal. In 2010, Samsung claimed a market share of 20.1 %. This has now risen to 28 %. Nokia’s market share has receded from 49.3% in 2010 to 39 % at present. Samsung has also increased its figures on terms of monthly shipments relative to Nokia.

According to an industry insider, “ In 2007-08, Samsung sold 0.2 million units approximately in a month, while Nokia sold 4 million lakh units. Currently,  Samsung is selling is selling close to 3 million units per month but Nokia has just about increased its sales to 4.6 million“.

It is understandable why Nokia has been under immense pressure these days, by concentrating on these numbers. If Samsung continues this way, it will topple Nokia as a market leader. Samsung has an advantage in smartphone division with products like Galaxy S II and Wave 2. Samsung has been selling its other smartphones, and it also joined hands with Indiblogger community. Their partnership with Google and Android has yielded them significant results not just in India, but globally. The decent pricing of all these phones has attracted a lot of people.

Nokia is dealing with this situation as a challenge. They contend that they are still the market leaders in terms of smartphones, but Symbian is in its death throes. Their partnership with Microsoft will see them slowly bring Windows Phone as their primary OS. They are still using Symbian till that transition period and are trying to leverage value from it. If you have noticed Nokia’s marketing campaign recently, you will see that they have become rather aggressive. They are also investing hugely on the Dual-SIM segment with products like X1-01, C2-00 with many more in the works.

By: Denzil Lewis

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