Android OS Falls Prey To Malware

Malware attacks on the Android OS have risen significantly in the past few months.According to Trend Micro, a Global Cloud security leader, there has been a 14-fold increase of malware targeting Android smartphone users in the last six months. Another report from McAfee, estimates that the malware targeted at Android based devices jumped 76 per cent since the last quarter, making it the most attacked mobile operating system.

To add to this recently Vodafone was blamed for shipping out 3000 worm infected HTC phones while Samsung inadvertently distributed malware along with its new S8500 Wave smartphones. The worm attempted to infect a user’s PC when the phone was connected to it. Though all security experts believe fault lies in downloading of infected or pirated apps and majority of the attacks can be thwarted by downloading legal apps  and using “lookout”.

One needs to keep in mind  that Android offers no built-in, default level encryption, and instead rely on isolation and permissions to safeguard data. “Thus, a simple jailbreak of an Android phone can lead to data loss” . So while Android seems to be most vulnerable to malware iOS seems to be most rugged one.

With 300,000 apps available for download and more than 3 billion downloads happening Android needs more app verification, for as of now it is becoming one big party for these malicious elements which doesn’t seem to die any soon. With users doing everything of smart phones from banking to ticket bookings, if Google doesn’t get it’s act right soon, we won’t blame you if you switch to iOS for personal use and BB OS for work.


By: Mitesh K

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