Google Making Admob An App – Only Feature

Lately,the mobile web is truly seen as the next frontier in the internet advertising business. Google concurred and bought out the promising mobile ad network Admob for 750 million with the objective of serving Google’s advertising business with the mobile web. Adsense would handle the web and Admob would be deployed throughout the mobile web. The arrangement looked solid for some time.

The AdMob integration wasn’t without its fair share of redundancy and features which didn’t fit into the Google strategy. Hence, some features were axed a few months ago. There was some still some inconsistency in the feature list and hence Google has now announced that it will soon shut down AdMob’s web serving features. It has been made clear that web publishers should use Adsense and mobile app publishers should use AdMob.

So with this in mind, Google has all AdSense for Mobile Applications beta participants have been switched to AdMob. It has also been relayed that Google will pull out support for the older WAP mobile websites starting September 30. Last year, it was reported that Google Adsense was getting a new interface which provided rich media ad format, better publishing filters, better targeting methods like above-the-fold-targeting and remarketing, and roping in new advertisers and certified ad networks

There is a certain consistency between Adsense and AdMob that Google plans to have. For instance, iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to use Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available. There are reposts that the integration is not going that well but these are only teething problems and today’s announcement takes care of that.

Apps are becoming a prominent part of the business models of many internet companies. Many app stores have been launched. Mobile OS’s are judged on the basis of apps and application developers they can garner. The Internet is changing constantly and now Apps maybe the only way most people will interact with the web.

BY: Denzil Lewis

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