IMImobile Deals With Language Barrier With Its New App ‘My SMS’

After raising $13 million in Funding from Sequoia Capital and partnering up with & IndiaVision TV, IMImobile have introduced a service called ‘My SMS’.

Recently, India have witnessed huge growth in telecom revolution which have deepen the mobile penetration in the country. In India, there are 1029 spoken language,  telecom operators find it difficult to serve entire user base  resulting into communication barrier.  ‘My SMS’ application will help users to access content in any local language.

This service is available in 8 major languages, English, Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Bangla. To avail this app user  only have to request SMS services in their native language and get messages in requested language on demand  irrespective of the make of their handset. It is also said that tne of the major limitations of SMS is resolved with increase the overall penetration of P2A SMS.

According to one of the sources of IMImobile,”IMImobile has always been focused towards creating innovative services to empower rural India and help bridge the digital divide.”

My SMS application can be provided as a white-label application also for telecom operators, device manufacturers, media companies & enterprises. This application is very easy to use as it does not require any keyword or short code.

After the launch of ‘Cell Shakti’ this new service is is another step towards their rural approach.

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