Acquistion Between Skype And GroupMe Worth $85 Million

Skype now plans to take over GroupMe to add more zest to its online group communication services. According to Tony Bates, the CEO of Skype, this deal is to complement the voice and video communication with the added text-based communication interface. This will also include myriad interesting features like sharing photos, location and making plans with friends.

This is now a win-win situation where Facebook and Google were already out with their Messenger and Google+’s Huddle. Now Skype also joins the bandwagon to make sure it remains one of the most sought after group communication platform on the web. Skype was already carving a niche with its global calling, video calling and now with this acquisition, they are adding more value to people’s lives by allowing them to seamlessly connect as they desire.

GroupMe expressed themselves on their official blog saying, “When we first started GroupMe, we set out to achieve two major goals. The first was to solve a very simple problem we had as individuals: how do we stay in touch and coordinate with our friends better in real-time?  The second was a bit bigger: how can we change the way people across the globe communicate and get together better in real life?  We solved problem #1, and our efforts alongside Skype will accelerate the execution of problem #2 tenfold. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

This step by Skype shows the dynamism in their product as they are going mobile. Grapevine has it that Skype will taking this over by paying $85 million dollar. This announcement was made at the same time when Microsoft decided to take over Skype. Very soon we will find Skype on Xbox 360, Kinect, Windows Phone and Office 365 as well.

GroupMe has an office in New York which will remain while they work on this stand alone application for Skype. They already had a whopping million users and with this deal now they will serving another 175  million people across the globe.

Will it be a success? What are your thoughts?

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