Zynga Brings ‘Words With Friends’ To Facebook

Zynga, the social game developer has announced a new game titled  ‘Words With Friends’ for Facebook. First launched in July 2009, it was earlier available as a mobile game.  The interesting aspect is that the game combines classic and competitive word building with social gaming. With the help of this combat crossword game, for the  first time  Zynga has moved a mobile game to Facebook

What’s New?

Words With Friends on Facebook will have all of the game’s current features and functionality, plus additional social features, including:

· Brag Feeds: Publicly call out to  friends on their wall after scoring a 97-pointer, getting a triple letter, triple word, or just generally owning them

· New Notifications: Facebook requests that notify friends when it’s their turn

· Wall-to-Wall Combat: The ability to post new game challenges on your friends’ walls

Zynga entered India only  few months ago and started its development hub here. It remains to be seen how this new game affects the fortunes of the social gaming company which has largely seen its success come from Facebook.

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