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Google+ is the hottest and newest Social Networking Site on the block and it’s doing everything possible to win people over from Facebook and Twitter. Over a billion links were shared on Google+ in a single day and they are the fastest network in history to cross 10 million users and are all geared up to hit the 20 million mark soon. Their Android app is much more polished than the corresponding Facebook appand they recently launched an app for the iPhone as well.

Google+’s Hangout feature, which allows free group video calls also is proving to be very popular. Following the success, they have tied it up with another service of theirs, YouTube, to allow Live Streaming of Hangouts.

On SaturdayYouTube Live Product Manager, Brandon Badger made an official statement at Vidcon in Los Angeles suggesting that users are now enabled to watch live streams of Google+ and YouTube together.

Instructions to set it up are given below:

Source: DigiMouth

  • Begin a new Hangout session on Google + and Invite people to join you
  • On a new tab, go to the Youtube Live page and select a Live stream of something you want to share. After selecting the Live stream, copy the YouTube video ID
  • Click on the share link below the video
  • Go back to Hangouts and search for the ID in the video tab
  • Click on the play button to get started

This might get a bit cumbersome, but Google has promised to streamline it very soon. Google+’s main competitor, Facebook too launched a video chat solution in collaboration with Skype. Easy-to-use technique is their main propagated USP. However, they lack group video chat which Google+ offers. Over the coming weeks and months, we can only expect better innovations like these which will ultimately attract the maximum number of users. Better innovation and superior features will ensure a win-win situation for everyone.

We can only predict what the landscape will look like 6months in the future. What do you think is going to happen? Do let us know

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