RIM Updates BlackBerry Messenger To Version 6

RIM’s widely popular messaging platform BBM just got updated to version 6 which introduces a lot of social features like Foursquare check-ins, third party app integration and sharing and discovering apps with friends. Most of these features are aimed at young BlackBerry users rather than RIM’s loyal corporate clientèle.

The third party app integration is a key feature which will enable users to chat within games, news apps or any other sort of app without having to close the application. For instance a two player game can use this feature, where both users can chat while playing the game.

The third party app integration also opens up gates for alternative BBM clients. This truly transforms BBM from just an app to a platform. The RIM Blog has a list of third party apps which have been developed to integrate these features. They range from news and sports apps to location and travel apps. The update also allows users to share location, links, podcasts and calendar appointments.

There had been rumours earlier that BBM would also be coming to iOS and Android, however till now nothing of that sort has happened.

Given that BBM has more than 45 million users, and more than 70% of them use it daily, this upgrade should come as good news for them. Along with the launch RIM has also started a competition for app developers to develop the “Most addictive social app using BBM“.

BBM 6 can be downloaded from this link for all devices with BB OS 5 and up. Additionally, BBM integrated apps will appear on the BlackBerry App World very soon.

So download the new version and tell us your experience. 

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