MTV Canvasses Habit Of Digital Socialites

Recently, MTV- a pioneer of Music Television in India carried out a survey to analyse the social media behavior of teenagers aka Digital Socialites.

The survey reveals some interesting facts about the usage of social network by youths. According to the survey, most of the youngsters love social networking sites because the platform offers  them visibility, freedom of expression without any suppression. Social media platform offers opportunity,  anonymity and hangout which makes it illustrious worldwide.

The survey also displays that one of the frequent activity carried on by youngsters is Hanging out followed by email, videos and surfing the internet.

The Insights of the survey shows that for 80% of Digital Socialites prefer to stay in touch with old friends whereas only 33% of them are keen in making new ones on the platform. Whereas only 23% use social network platform for professional reason. You can check out the details on

The Music Television also wanted to know which platform does the youth prefer to check out latest news? Traditional or technological?

93% believed social media makes them more aware of the current news in and around the world whereas, 89% turn to social media for news and trends.

To collect more information on the social media behaviour of the Digital Socialites pages & apps are created. For example: a new handle called “Digitalsocialites” created on Twitter, Facebook Page called “Young Socialite”, Chat room discussions like “Chatzy” and a foursquare application which was installed in the respondents mobile device.

With more than 2 million Facebook fans and 250,000 Twitter followers, MTV have sampled ways to merge with the online world for example it promoted the jam session of Coke Studio in India, launching online reality show, etc. With such popularity & utilization of technology and web, Digital Socialites is by far one of the worthy names given to this  generation. 

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