Crosses The Mark Of 3 Million Subscribers

The most sought after group buying site strikes the chord with 3 million subscribers.

This is definitely gaining lot of eyeballs as this time it is woman entrepreneur from India taking a team of four members to forty today. MyDala has been making its mark ever since its inception in 2009. They have been readily expanding across India by offering great city-specific discount deals. In the arena of social commerce, MyDala has definitely achieved one big milestone.


MyDala caters to myriad segments such as health & beauty, lifestyle, fashion, home, restaurants and gadgets. The site has been in the Alexa rankings as 115th most popular website in India and #1 group buying site n the country. The site has a huge inflow of traffic of more than 250, 000 visits daily.

MyDala got another big break with a funding of 9 crores from Info Edge who are owners of and got 1.1 crores from the founders of CX Partners which is a $600mm PE fund.According to the report have sold out more than 250,000 vouchers till date, tied up with more than 8,000 merchants, 1200 concurrent deals.

 The recent funding has been very timely for the company to pioneer innovative concepts in India.

Furthering this moment of success, the CEO also echoes her confidence of pulling the site amidst India’s top 100 sites by sourcing amazing deals and expanding aggressively in India. MyDala has also launched an outstanding personalization engine to help subscribers match and pick relevant deals that they need.

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