Samsung Launches The Its New Galaxy Tablet – A Challenge For Apple iPad

Last year, we blogged about Samsung GalaxyTab coming to India.  Now, another new version of thinner and lighter Galaxy tablet was launched by Samsung Electronic Co trying to hit the much hyped sales of Apple‘s iPad.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch has been upgraded from the 7-inch version. It has been carefully priced at $500 in the US and is throwing greater challenges to all such similar tabs with Google Android OS. Today Samsung as well as Galaxy tabs are attracting the fancies of businesses from airlines to wedding planners. The tab market has crossed the portal of only being deemed as an entertainment gadget. Other players in this arena are Research In Motion’s Playbook and Motorola’s Xoom who have received accolades galore. Hewlett Packard’s TouchPad and Inc have also decided to join this bandwagon of gizmo revolution.

Apple has been reported with a total selling quotient of 14 million iPads in the year’s first half and Galaxy tab stands with a statistics of 7.5 million over 2011 as put by the analysts. In the stock market scenario, Samsung hares closed at 3.5 percent enhancing Asian market capitalization and standing out as the most valuable company in the continent. Recently, Apple’s new S1 and S2 was introduced in India.

Though Samsung is below Apple but it is ushering with hits cutting edge launches and is the closest rival in the picture. Samsung is slowly reducing the gap in the smartphone market with its access to chips and other tablet components. Others like HP, Microsoft, Acer, Amazon have also joined the tablet unit recently.

Today Samsung is much beyond a hardware firm and has become abreast of the trends in technology fanfare as we see that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is bigger, brighter as compared to iPad2. One can have an access to more than 200,000 applications on the go. Another marketing strategy in this regard by Samsung was allowing the Korean version of the device an access to television as well as radio media. Samsung makes an anticipation with the hope of increasing the sales by five times this year.

It is a tough race for Samsung to survive and prove its wit! What’s your take on this?

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