Google+ Allows Update Via SMS For Indian Users

Google seems to be in a real hurry to make a success out of its now famous baby Google+. Google+ has been very well received across the world by bloggers and users alike. Now to ensure that Google expands its horizon via this product in India it has introduced a new exclusive feature to the Indian market. Users in India can update their status via SMS. One can also receive sms notifications on mobile.

How do you use Google+ with SMS?

Visit the Google+ Settings Page and simply add your phone number. Once, you add your phone number Google will send you a verification code, then confirm the settings with your verification code. You can then start updating Google+ via SMS. Google also allows you add SMS security PIN your additional security.

India a mobile opportunity?

The social networking players have already realized the opportunity that lies in the Indian mobile population. Just recently facebook launched everyphone app to ensure penetration via mobile phones. This move by Google+ also indicates that the battle for future social networking is on mobile.

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