After, Shopo Dives Into Online Handicraft Space

Shopping online is a great way to increase one’s visibility in the digital space. But in India e-commerce has welcomed chain of daily deal sites and shops. From gadgets, apparel, books, music, videos, etc. various kind of online shopping centers have sprung up making the whole idea of online shopping Boring. Some of them are rubbish with the kind of product they display with limited description and over pricing of products. It is interesting to observe that online daily deal site mostly deals with apparel, music, furniture, jewellery, groceries, etc. but the handicraft market still remains unexplored in this space. Shopo is an Chennai based online handicraft marketplace which displays handpicked designers products.

Indian handicraft is famous and popular around the world but it is the  middlemen who earn profit and not the creator. These online shops  give credit to all the artists too. On visiting the website we are greeted with categories and featured products which are hand- made and handcrafted, wall arts, jewellery, authentic products made by artisans. There are two tabs saying ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’, which means one can buy as well as sell products on

This is what happens when order is taken placed. After a confirmation mail, SMS is send across as a follow up. With the help of fedex the product is picked up from seller’s place and dropped at buyers place, this activity is carried on within 24 hours of confirmation mail.

Earlier, this year was also launched in the handicraft space. Given the number of handicraft lovers across the world we do see potential in this business.

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