Google’s +1 Button Comes To India

Just a day before Google+, Google’s third or fourth attempt at social networking was publicly announced, the company made the +1 button available websites all over the world. Looking back at the +1 button announcement, it was the foundation stone of Google+. +1′ing a search result or a website means recommending it to the people in your network.


At first it was available only as an experimental feature in Google search, later it found a place on all search results on and a lot of websites as well. Eventually, it was rolled out globally which meant its arrival on and Indian sites. The Google India blog has a list of Indian websites that have implemented the +1 button. Websites like IBNLive, moneycontrol, Snapdeal, Games2Win figure in that list.

Alok Kejriwal CEO and Co-Founder of on the +1 button told Google:

“Online games are highly ‘searched for’ by lots of consumers on search engines and we are delighted to have the +1 button implemented on our site. It immediately allows better content to bubble up and get noticed by friends on the Google network and hence provided a nice referral to click upon. Simply said & in our context, it adds a nice spin to socializing single player games!”

Archit Sharma, VP – Product & Marketing, Jasper India ( said:

“Continuing with our endeavor to serve users with more & more relevant deals, we are happy to incorporate Google +1 buttons. We are confident that this feature will bring us closer to our users, generate valuable feedback and help us improve our services further.”

Till now +1 recommendations were mostly restricted to search results, but with Google plus, recommendations will have a place in people’s news feed or whatever fancy name Google chooses to give it. Google Plus has yet to hit the public, it is currently in an invite-only testing phase. Expect more of those “I want a Google Plus invite” tweets in your timeline. Deja vu? Google hopes not.

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