Google+ A Challenge To Facebook Networking

Have you ever be in a situation where you want to share something on your status with your chosen friends and keep unwanted friend out of the discussion. Google have set up a new social network called Google+ which aspires to share information among small group of friends rather than spreading the information to other social connections mostly including colleagues and others.


You can check out the video and see for yourself the introduction of the new social network

The main reason behind Google+ network is to share information among chosen ‘Circles’. It allows users to create specific social sphere among categories. For example: you are looking forward to party with your friends but you do not want your parents to know about it. Simply, user can create a separate circle for your friends and for your family. This will successful send across message among your chosen friends.

Google+ also features called Sparks where people can talk and share specific topics like news, videos, images, etc. Friends can also chat and discussion the the current trend shared by the users.

Moreover, Google+ also offers video chat through a feature called ‘Hanging out’. The name itself sounds fun, if the users decides to join the group they can instantly engage in video chat with friends and family while they are hanging out on the site. Users can also upload images straight from thier mobile devices and they can also decide whom to share the content among the specific Circles.

Our Analysis

This is another attempt by Google to garner a foothold in the social networking space. The problem is that this ship has already sailed with Facebook dominating it whole heartedly. The best chance at least in the Indian context that Google had was Orkut but their lack of innovation let that die a slow death. Google would do better on focusing the business apps side of business with Google apps which is where it has little or no sizable competition. The social networking space is unforgiving and given Google’s track record its highly unlikely users with log on. Some failures include Google buzz and Google wave. Hopefully, Google+ does better than them on the features front Google has tried its best to be innovative. Even the names of the features are trendy like Huddle, Sparks, Circles and Hangouts.

All these features can be compared to existing ones at Facebook for eg: Circle is a friend categorizing feature or how do you know this person feature in Facebook while huddle is nothing but the friend chat already available on Facebook. The new or so called different feature is the video chat called Hangout.

Photo sharing again is common. We believe Facebook will be tracking this project closer than anyone else as its known to learn quickly from competition. It did so by adding real-time feed and @tagging from Twitter even before it took off in a big way at Twitter.

4 Responses to “Google+ A Challenge To Facebook Networking”

  1. Rohan
    June 29, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    I think this is the big deal. It also provides you an option to follow someone (similar to Twitter). Think about the enormous potential that exists to tie in other products of Google

    - Calendar: event hosting
    - Translate: auto translate posts from your foreign-language friends (though probably won’t happen that much, with circles and all)
    - Mail: connect mail to posts on Google+ limited to only one person?
    - Reader: I can already follow people that keep Google+ updated with their blog entries. Would be cool to have reader content flow into my Google+ stream
    - Blogger: Auto update my followers on my blog posts
    - Places for Business: Biz pages with pictures, ratings, etc,.
    - Offers: Based on my City, show the relevant page from
    - You Tube: Tie in all my YouTube videos
    - Docs/Spreadsheets: Share documents/resumes with relevant circles
    - Groups: For a group page!
    - Latitude: Location of my friends
    - Voice (for calling phones): To call my friends on their mobile numbers
    - Notebook: For notes and other related parts
    - Picasa: Link my existing Picasa Albums

  2. June 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Why Google try to focus on another social networking site than focusing on already exited orkut.

    I think the social networking services were sutured.
    i think Google mostly focus on search engine because a big competitor bing grows every day.

  3. Gordon A. Huffman
    June 30, 2011 at 2:25 am #

    Cool features! :) Google will took the market for all in future.
    Newest technology is particularly helped in the highest part of daily life. Its also make fast and faster than before. Every industry continue to keep an eye on what competitors are doing to help subscribers makes best use of the technology.

    And many sites provide daily technology news updates.

  4. July 1, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    It would be really great to see how the masses react to google’s move. I strongly believe that it is a major threat to facebook.

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