SMSGupshup’s Platform To Remove Spam Calling And Spam Messages

The government’s crackdown on bulk messaging threatens to harm a lot of businesses which revolve around text messages. To tackle this and at the same time keep cellphone subscribers’ interest in mind SMS Gupshup has come out with an application for operators and mobile marketers to easily update their do no call list. This will ensure that messages are sent to only interested people and not just blindly delivered to all of their database.


SMS Gupshup claims that the government’s efforts haven’t really affected the number of spam messages because the guidelines that TRAI has set are too tedious to implement. The government comes out with the National Consumer Preference Registry (NCPR) twice a week. The NCPR is a list of all subscribers who want to either completely stop receiving bulk messages or don’t want SMSes about certain topics sent to them. Because the list is updated twice a week, it becomes time consuming and expensive for large companies to comply with these rules.

Gupshup solves this problem by letting corporations use the ‘Scrubber’ application. The app will allow companies to update their data bases and ensure that no messages are sent to numbers which appear in the NCPR. This is done twice every week so that the data base is always up to date and the copmany doesn’t face any legal consequences because of sending unwanted messages to people.

The application is available as an enterprise offering by SMS gupshup here. The TRAI NCPR rules haven’t been implemented yet and ‘scrubber’ would be available only after the rules are implemented.

SMS Gupshup depends heavily on bulk messages. It seemed that after TRAI rules the bulk SMS ecosystem was going to take a huge hit. To save the whole ecosystem and hence allow SMS Gupshup to grow, the 45 million strong social network has come out with Scrubber.

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