Bolt Indic Mobile Browser Now Available As A Free Download

Bolt Indic Mobile browser which was previously available only through OEMs (Original Equipment manufactures) and carriers preloaded on phones is now been opened up for everyone to download for free. The browser is available for all java based handsets including Blackberry devices.


The browser boasts of a number of features like HTML5 video streaming, webkit based engine, social network integration, geolocation support, download manager. However, the highlight of these features at least with respect to Indian audiences is supported of Indic languages.

Indic text, the company claims can be rendered even if the phone doesn’t support those languages. The Indic languages that can be displayed in the browser are Hindi, Bengali, Gurumukhi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and Oriya. Using Bitstream’s font technology it’s able to display complex characters which are used in Indic languages. The Indic languages will benefit approximation 1.3 billion living in and around India. An Android version is in the works and would be previewed at CommunicAsia in Singapore. Bolt Mobile Browser had also supported nine Indian languages in the past which were available on JavaME and BREW. According to Bitstream, the browser experience was smooth from smartphone to other mobile handsets.

The  browser now available as a free download this announcement has dawned just days after that Google translate announced support for a number of Indic languages. To download the browser for your java based phone visit

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    Please tell me actual link for downloading Bolt Browser .

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