Google Doodle Pays Homeage To The Legendary Guitarist Les Paul

On 9th June 2011, Google is presented one of it’s most innovative logo– An Electric Guitar. This instrument is designed in the shape of the giant engine itself which is not only playable but recordable too.

google doodle

Get the mouse over the string and you can actually play this instrument as well as play notes on the keyboard. You can also get to record your chef-d’oeuvre by clicking the rectangle record button. This recording button is situated where the bottom part of the second “g” in the word “Google“. What’s more interesting is, this instrument also gives you credit by providing a URL, which can be send across among friends. When one of your friend paste the URL into the address bar you both can play duet together. Or you can play along with your own recording.

This creative logo is tribute to Great Les Paul, one of the first guitarist and builder of the first solid- body electric guitars.  But the recording function of the instrument is only working in United States.

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