Watch Bollywood Blockbusters For Free On YouTube Box Office

We Indians love our Cricket and our Movies. And the marketers have now realized that these two form are the shortest path to connect with the Indian consumers. Perhaps this is the reason why YouTube, shortly after screening the IPL matches has started a dedicated channel called “YouTube Box Office” for screening popular Bollywood movies and some selected regional language. The channel will also feature a premium film every month, for free for its audience.  While the premium movie will be available exclusively to the audience in India, other movies will be available for all the users across the world.


This is not for the first time that YouTube is officially screening a blockbuster movie. YouTube already features movies from Shemaroo. Earlier this year, Dabanng was screened in partnership with Reliance home Video. However, at that time there was no defined destination which has now been solved with the launch of a dedicated channel.

Ads, Ads and more Ads

So, what could YouTube possibly get by screening a blockbuster? The answer is simple: Revenue in the form of Ads from its sponsors.  The screening of IPL matches and before that ICC world cup matches gave a major push to the display-advertising business for the company. The screening also provided the marketers with some valuable insights about consumption pattern of the audience that further helped them to realise its potential as a medium for sales generation. The screening of cricket past 3 months has created a sustainable ecosystem for Youtube and with its new Box office initiative it wants to repeat the same success.

This month’s premium movie is Band Baaja Baarat and it is being sponsored by Intel. YouTube is also in talks with its partners like Yash Raj films on a revenue share basis to bring more premium content every month.

The age of online viewing?

More and more media companies are now turning towards the online medium as a potential source of user engagement. Few days back, we reported on how Airtel has partnered with BigFlix to offer online video services. Increased access to internet, Broadband speeds and changing lifestyle of the people, all these factors have forced some of these companies to invest in the online medium of communication.  But this is still the beginning. We still suffer from the lack of suitable online content, something that can be solved only if more and more companies opt to take the online path. And this is where, by encouraging the online medium, Bollywood can play its part. And in return, online screening can help Bollywood to rein piracy. As when given a choice between the bad-theatre-print movies and premium DVD quality print movies, the choice would be obvious for many of us.

So what do you think about the latest move from YouTube. Do let us know in the form of comments.

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