Anonymous Hacks NIC Website To Protest Corruption

Anonymous, the notorious hacker group defaced the National Informatics Center website as a part of its campaign called Operation India (#OpIndia) to protest against corruption in the country.


The message put up on the defaced site reads

We exist without nationality. We exist with humanity.
NIC took 3 mins,
This time we talk to the government – On NIC Homepage and Sub-Domains.
There is no use securing. There is no use of spending on forensic.
Get this message clear Mr. Prime Minister and others.
We do not like to talk much and Yes! IT is our world.
Expect us

Anonymous also issued a press release after the attack. The #OpIndia movement has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an IRC channel to possibly get more hackers to carry on their movement.

Even now the NIC site says that it is under maintenance and will be up soon. NIC is the government IT organisation which is responsible for building a lot of websites and implementing e-projects for the government. Government sites, in the past have been at the receiving end of a lot of attacks, mainly originating from Pakistan.  The Central Bureau of Investigation website was hacked in December 2010 by Pakistani hackers claiming to seek revenge for a similar attack by Indian hackers on Pakistani sites. The anonymous is an organization which has in the past targeted sites like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa because they had refused to accept funds for Wikileaks. They are also said to be the ones behind the attacks on Sony’s Playstation Network.

The hacker community has been very active of late, CCAvenue, Gawker, PBS, Sony and many other websites had been hacked and sensitive data like passwords and addresses were leaked. While there wasn’t any data leak in the NIC attack, the government is taking the issue seriously and has set up a Crisis Management Plan for countering cyber attacks and cyber terrorism acts like these.

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