Cleanliness Drive Via Mobile Devices: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

Sanitation and hygiene is a big and everlasting problem in India especially in major big cities. The level of consumption of all the resources have given rise to waste management issues in the country. But there is a good news for all the Hyderabad residences as far as cleanliness is concerned. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), have come up with an innovation idea to keep a check on the surrounding cleanliness via mobile devices and cameras.


The GHMC plans to monitor the local areas through a system called off-site real time monitoring system (OSRTS). This system ensures transparency in its functioning and accountability among the civil officials.  The OSRTS is estimated to generate real report to the officials by monitoring the status of sanitation, street lights, checking roads for violation issues, building permits, etc.

This is how the monitoring is suppose to take place. Every morning GHMC field staff is expected to photograph every garbage bin. followed by the photograph is then geo-tagged with the help of GPS in the mobile phones. Coordinated with location, longitude & latitude data, date and time these are stamped on the relevant images. These images are further compressed and transmitted to a central servers in second. These photographs can be easily checked by the officials to see the status of the bins (cleaned, uncleaned, unattended). Instant images are available on the website

This service could be a great help to the citizen because they can file a complain simply by texting a complain to the civil servants and the concern civil officer will attend the issue. Once the problem is solved ,a snapshot of a resolved work will be send to the server and posted online. Apart from attending the civil duties, the system also keep tracks of the workers and their attendance which have improved from 85% to 98%. GHMC have recovered Rs. 38 lakh from contractors for various violation in the service level agreements such as  irregular attendance, unattended bins, improper sweeping of roads, etc. This is a good example to bring don unhygienic situation in the country and should be regulated in several other part of India. OSRTS have taken a good start we should wait and watch if it sustain it’s credibility in future.

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