Digital Content Head To Head With Traditional Content

Crux of the matter for getting fresh news was print media — newspapers, but the shift was  quite visible when news were accessed over the web. According to the surveys conducted by multimarket study equal amount of time is spend on both the interfaces (traditional print content and digital) by the consumers.


One more survey carried on by research firm Gartner found out that 1,569 people in six cities– China, India, Italy, Japan, US, UK the consumption is equal. Most of the active users of the internet are teens who prefer reading online but the older generation still prefer going news via newspaper.

Following are the statistics for number of people prefer online reader

  • 52% active users of iPad and Galaxy Tab find online reader easier
  • 42% users find both interfaces equal in their output
  • 47% of the laptop users prefer going traditional format of print but
  • 33% readers said both the channels have equal status

However, in India 75% interviewees have not used e-book like Amazon Kindle or Barnes& Noble’s Nook followed by57% people in US and 56% people in UK 40% people worldwide.

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