Cricket Sites Garner 4 Million Visitors During World Cup Finals!: IMRB Report

Yes we are the new champions. We finally lifted the World Cup after 28 years. Roads were jam during the celebration of the victory, India’s flag was waving high and crackers were busting like it is Diwali in the month of April.


The joy and the pride was ought to see on the faces of few lucky people who got to catch live match on the Battleground.  The rest of us were focusing our every second on our television sets. But there were many other who didn’t get to catch the match neither on the T.V nor on the cricket ground.

But they had an other alternative right in front of their eyes. INTERNET.  IMRB reports stating, all cricket websites have attracted around 4 million fans on ‘The World Cup Finals Day‘.

Some stats on the big day were:

  • Average Time spent by user – 38 Minutes
  • Busiest timeslots during the day was between 12pm – 6pm
  • 3.0 Million visitors navigated through Internet for accessing cricket-related content.
  • 1.73 Mn of them visited
  • 1.7 Mn visiting the
  • 1.6 Million visited
  • 0.3 Mn visited

We have reported earlier stating comscore’s study revealing major traffic on the website like and Yahoo Cricket.

The fever of the World Cup was so high that even online scammers been profiting through their manipulating skills. Moreover, Gaming companies like Zapak, Ibibo, Games2Win even were not far from bagging up some popularity. They successfully launched Cricket-theme games.

Internet is evolving in India and the real time conversation element of the web is proving to be a great asset when you want updates by minutes. But as far as cricket is concerned, watching a Live Match whether online or on TV is always a priority.

So where did you viewed your World Cup Victory? Tell us.

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