F.A.L.T.U- First Global Online premiere of a Hindi movie

We have earlier reported how two Star Plus soaps were premiered online before being telecast on the television. Later they even had ‘ Master Chef‘ as a web premier.

And now it is the first Hindi movie F.A.L.T.U to have its own global online premier. Announcing its partnership with Zee Communication, Global Takeoff  Inc. they have  released the movie online to a worldwide audience through YuppTV.


Catching a movie is expensive for many Indians residing overseas , this sort of online premier adds a convenience of spending only $2.89 with a validity of 24-hours subscription.  Back home movies are still affordable till the time prices are not hiked up by multiplexes. If there is a possibility of prices going up, who knows the  web can become the next spot to check out new releases-International as well as national.

Besides soaps and movies, we also wrote about how even Indian Premier League (IPL v3) were telecast live on YouTube. There are major changes taking place in the way live events, movie releases, soap releases are happening on the web.. The online premiere is a way in which content owners and creators are looking to combat piracy with. It will be interesting to see how many movies opt for this new distribution model in the future as well.

Are we  ready to try online movie premieres or Do we still prefer to glue our eyes on 70mm screen for 3 hours? Tell us your take..

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