Indiabook: The Facebook Killer Of India?

What’s the first thing you tend to do the moment you turn on the PC. Log on to Facebook. Fb have become almost like alpha and omega for everybody because it gives us the accessibility to connect with most of the people around, even though you haven’t met them in person. Millions of people are users of Facebook to catch up with old buddies, promote business, share links and videos.


We just received hot piping news of the new launch in the Indian Internet net-working Site. It is as huge as Facebook and better… It is called IndiaBook. Shocked!!! Do not be. It is true. Yes Facebook allow you to connect numerous people but it has earlier received range of issues. It is not the case going to be with the Indiabook. It guarantees online privacy, child safely, and they have some extra-ordinary features in compare to Facebook. The Indiabook allows its users to decorate their profile using HTML and CSS while Fb allows plain text.

Some of the best Features of the Indiabook are:

  • You can chat with 10 of your friends without separate chat interfaces.
  • Instead of a ‘wall’ Indiabook features ‘graffiti’- allowing you to be colorful with numerous new fonts.
  • In the chat itself you can upload your image.
  • The profile page is fantastic changing the color according to your mood.
  • If you have changed your profile into business page and want to change back to the older version, Indianbook gives you liberty to do so without any sort of confusion
  • They have an excellent description of every feature which is easy to follow.
  • Indiabook not only gives you freedom of chat and uploading but it also gives you updates of the surrounding from education to the world of media. Almost everything.
  • Indiabook have a feature of recording your voice chat and listening to it later.

There are many new app and features to this giant Indiabook, to unlock more click here.

4 Responses to “Indiabook: The Facebook Killer Of India?”

  1. Shabbir Akhtar
    April 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    Even if Indiabook does find a foothold, I doubt for how long it would actually be able to do business using this name. Facebook is very possessive about the word, “book”. The list of companies against which Facebook has filed lawsuits against, for the use of “book” in their name is huge.

    Facebook does not yet own the rights to the word “book” but, the company believes that when the word is used in connection with a website of similar purpose, Facebook’s brand name gets diluted. IndiaBook seems to take the Facebook experience and tweak it just a bit. So, it definitely is trying to cash in on the word “book.”

    Even if we do not get into the above discussion, I doubt if Indiabook would be able to make its presence felt against a force as strong as Facebook. When we even question the existence of Google or MySpace in the social networking space what makes Indiabook so special?

    There is yet another side to this debate. Do we need one more social network? The space is filled with sites which have tried to become the next Facebook, but have failed — Bebo, Friendster, Orkut, Hi5, Perfspot, Zorpia, Netlog, Habbo… The list goes on and on. Why would one use multiple social networks?

    Yes, there is one way Indiabook can become popular in India — when Facebook denies to provide its service in the country. Like Xiaonei is the Facebook of China, Indiabook would become the Facebook of India.

  2. Shabbir Akhtar
    April 1, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

    Awesome!!! I fell for it… I take Facebook too personally :-p

  3. William
    April 1, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    Hey nice one WATBlog!!! Fooled me atleast!!!

  4. RizwanAli
    April 1, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Guys you need to grow up to do this things …not even 0% of Googles motion gmail fool
    IndiaBook Lol

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