Fetise.com a private sales club Exclusively for Men

When it comes to fashion what is the main thing that everybody looks forward too? It is Comfort and Value for money.  E-commerce portals have found its way to have an established productive business in the fashion world. A fashion e-commerce portal for men on private sale mode called Fetise.com has been launched in New Delhi. The website itself is classic to look at. With guaranteed authenticity of their products and 80% off for the registered members.


How to become a member of this new sale club for men?

There are three way to acquire membership

  • You can be invited by Fetise directly.
  • You can be invited by a friend who is already a member.
  • You can request a membership at the website- www.fetise.com

What we found interesting was the fact; you can earn referral credit of Rs.500/- in your account by inviting a friend by becoming a referrer. But there is a downside to it you get to earn only referral credit from one friend. It is a kind of voucher which can be redeemed.  Fetise introduces multiple sales events almost every day which lasts up to 3days. Before the sale begins the registered members are notified through SMS and emails.

With 50,000 registered members already the website is in discussion with group of investors for raising $3 to $5 million in funding at pre-revenue stage.  “The two major factors attracting consumers into online shopping are its pricing and user convenience” said by Abhishek Shah who have launched Fetise.com.

Fetise.com is launched by Abhishek Shah was the co-founder of WanaMo.com which was acquired by German based Group Buying Global AG in the year 2010. Further, WanaMo.com was thereafter re-named as DealsAndYou.com. Shah still holds equity in the company though he has formally resigned from DealsAndYou to operate the new venture. Due to the previous success of DealsAndYou, it will be interesting to watch see the popularity of Fetise considering there are not too many fashion e-commerce portal for men.

2 Responses to “Fetise.com a private sales club Exclusively for Men”

  1. March 31, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    The first line is flawed. Fashion is not about comfort and value for money. Its about style and exclusivity.

  2. May 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    The Fetise.com design is an exact clone of http://www.gilt.com – the largest online private sales club in the US.

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