Games2Win Secures 6 Million $ Series B Funding For Indian Market? the online gaming portal that competes with the likes of Reliance ADAG funded has raised a series B round of funding to the tune of 6 million $. This funding is backed by earlier investors Clearstone Ventures and SVB capital. Games2in last raised a funding round in 2007 which was to the tune of 2007. Games2win since then has tried and lured an international audience by launching several services like Inviziads and Chimpoo to further their gaming ambitions.

We had written an article in the past on how Games2win attracts a large global audience for its dress up games and most of this audience is teens and tweens. Infact in 2009 it was part of the top 20 gaming sites in the world purely because of its international traffic. What baffles us though is the quote and reason given by Rajan Mehra in his statement on the funding.

Rajan Mehra of Clearstone Venture Partners who has joined the board of Games2win said, ‘We’re really excited by the Gaming opportunity in India and the momentum built by Games2Win in the development and distribution of games that are globally competitive.  We believe they are well positioned to break-out and become the #1 player in the Indian casual and social gaming space as this category hits hyper-growth’.

The reason the above quote is surprising is Games2win has never been a leader in the ‘Indian’ gaming space. It has got most of its traffic from outside India. A look at alexa statisitics here

In our view Games2win is no where close to being a leader in the Indian gaming space. But yes it has caught the imagination of teens who like to play dress up games the world over right from Tunisia to Thailand. Inorder to lead in India Games2win will have to pump in the current 6 million dollars in the most intelligent way possible. In our view it wont be easy given the breadth of marketshare Zapak has gained till date.

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  1. March 29, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Rajiv, let me add that Zapak doensn’t even cross of mind when we think of the massive popularity of sites like Miniclip in India and Zynga’s entire portfolio dominance (Mafia Wars, Cityville) of facebook games. The opportunity is exploiting the Android Platform in India (no leader yet) and social games specific to India (Ibibo is trying)…. rather than even bother with the silly Cafe style business that Zapak runs. The fact that Zapak sells toys and ducks and toys in stores in our humble opinion is not a games business – its a Big Bazaar model of showing topines…

  2. Rajesh Gopinath
    March 29, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Alok – You are the biggest supporter of Comscore so pls check India stats – Zapak is India’s no.1 Games website with miniclip at no.2 clearly.

  3. March 30, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    @Rajesh – Thanks for the tip. Actually we do a lot more work ON TOP of the comScore data:

    - How many visits are ACQUIRED via traffic vs. generic visits (we have our own metrics of market mapping)

    - Is it GAMES that are being played or various other crap (Zapak has mail, chat, girls, kids, blogs and god, knows what other sections)

    Let me advise you that after canceling out the above ‘NOISE’, there is no reason to even look at Zapak as any considerable competitor in India.

    PS – Miniclip has DOUBLED in India if you look at comScore feb 2010 vs. feb 2011

    Also, social games of Zynga are not reflected in Online games

    PS – Please check ‘extended’ media also and add our INVIZIADS numbers of audience to all Geo’s of Traffic


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