LinkedIn Partners With Snaptu To Bring App For Feature Phones

LinkedIn has over 90 million users worldwide and its popularity is growing by the day. The professional social network does not want its users to be just a part of LinkedIn by only registering with it, but want them to actively use the website. They have even launched three features recently to keep them engaged — Today, Skills and InMaps.


Nowadays, users access the web readily on mobile phones. LinkedIn has apps for smartphones, but being popular in countries worldwide, the social network needed an app with which feature phone users could access as well. To make that happen, Linked has partnered with mobile app platform Snaptu to bring a LinkedIn app for feature phones. Adam Nash, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn said, “With the rapid growth of mobile professionals around the world, we’re thrilled to partner with Snaptu to expand our global reach and be accessible wherever our members work.”

Snaptu specialises in supporting smartphone-like experiences on feature phones and with the new app users can, view the update stream, search for companies and professionals, send and accept invitation, and access the profiles of their connections. The company will be “enabling mobile LinkedIn access for millions of our users in India, Brazil, and around the world,” according to Chad Whitney a senior product manager at LinkedIn. The “app brings a smartphone-like user experience to over 2,500 different types of feature phone devices,” added Whitney.

Snaptu CEO Ran Makavy said, “LinkedIn has become as much a part of the working life as the mobile phone, so it’s very exciting for us to bring the two together. LinkedIn recognizes the value in reaching beyond the smartphone market to bring quality services to every device, leveraging the Snaptu mobile apps platform.”

According to AppData Snaptu has seen aggressive growth in recent times. The company boasts that its app, of which LinkedIn will be a part, is used by over 30 million people worldwide. The LinkedIn app will be joining over thirty other services including Facebook and Twitter. Makavy added, “We are delighted LinkedIn has joined the likes of Facebook and ESPN to offer an outstanding user experience to all mobile users, regardless of their device.”

Previously, Facebook had partnered with Snaptu to bring a similar app to its users. But, Facebook had gone a step ahead by partnering with mobile services providers as well, to allow its users in fourteen countries to use the app without any data charges for ninety days.

If you want to give the LinkedIn app a try, you can download it at

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    So it’s time to update Snaptu. Thanks Shabbir for an alert.

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