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We knew this was coming, back in December when a leaked screenshot from Yahoo! listed sites like Delicious and MyBlogLog in the ‘sunset’ column. It hasn’t been a particularly good week from them in terms of tech coverage either. A 37signals post on ‘What Happens After Yahoo Acquires You‘ received plenty of attention. Of course, Yahoo isn’t the only big company that is guilty of this, a post on GigaOM holds Google culpable too and goes on to analyze why some startups tend not to do too well after they are acquired.


It didn’t help Yahoo that just days before this a Yahoo engineer’s complaint about Yahoo-owned Flickr not supporting modern web technologies was picked up by a lot tech blogs. They could have picked a better time to announce the ‘sunsetting’ of one their acquisitions.

Be that as it may, they didn’t. MyBlogLog users yesterday, received an email saying that Yahoo will discontinue the service from May 24, 2011. It also informed premium users that after May 24th their credit card would no longer be charged and any unused portion will be refunded. Here’s a screen shot of the email we received.


The service was essentially used to track visitors to websites and blogs and to understand what people visiting them found interesting. For a detailed explanation, go here. Yahoo acquired it January 2007 for around $10 million. Rumours about Yahoo! shutting it down have been around since December 2009. The same post on ReadWriteWeb quoted co-founder Eric Marcoulier as saying that for a startup to succeed post acquisition it needs an ‘executive champion’ to promote it internally. He complains that MyBlogLog was transferred to the charge of someone who didn’t feel strongly about it.

sunset list

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I guess now it’s time to look at that Sunset List and wonder who’s next!

SideNote : While we’re on the topic of startups and acquisitions, here’s an interesting post by Alok Kejriwal thats worth reading.

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