Indian Youth Has Lowest Percentage Of Mobile Data Users : Nielsen

Yesterday Nielsen released part of its Mobile Youth Around The World report in a blog post. Nielsen studied patterns in 9 countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Germany, U.S., U.K., Spain and Italy. The report tries to establish phone preferences, purchase drivers, data usage etc. And tries to demonstrate how local factors, culture, economy etc have an influence on mobile usage.

The part released in the recent post compared three factors across the 9 countries – Data consumption, Connection type preference (prepaid/postpaid) and multiple SIM usage.

Advanced Data Usage

Nielsen Data Usage

China had the highest number ‘Advanced Data Users’ and India was at the bottom of the pile with only 13%. And by some distance, the next lowest was Brazil with 40%. But India did report the highest percentage of SMS/Voice Users and Voice only Users. Highlighting the scope for Voice and SMS based VAS. China on the other hand had a mere 2% of voice only users. Also interesting is that China pipped US to the No.1 spot. I’d be interested in seeing these numbers again after large scale 3G adoption though. How much data can we really consume at 2/2.5G speeds. The other way to look at it is in terms of how much potential there still is.

Prepaid Vs Postpaid

prepaid postpaid

97% used Prepaid connections, which is no real surprise at all. Note, that all BRIC countries had 85% plus prepaid users. While US and the European countries were all below 60%. In fact,In US less than a quarter of the youth had prepaid connections. Part of the same study revealed that 35% of Indians aged 15-19 and 54% aged 20-24 paid for their own mobile connections.

Multiple SIMs

multiple sims

Given the number of people that seem to have multiple SIMs, I’m a little surprised that only 15% of the Indian youth said they had multiple SIM cards. Of course, if you look at raw numbers, 15% would still be a pretty large number here. Only China had a lower percentage of people using multiple SIM cards, again 14% there would be a huge number too.

Do you think data consumption habits will change in the coming years? Let us know what you think and why!


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