Ibibo Launches CricEx For World Cup As Fantasy Cricket Games Attract Players

With just two days to go for the much awaited ICC World Cup 2011, almost all cricket lovers would have geared up for the biggest cricketing extravaganza. Indians, no doubt have a bigger reason to rejoice since it is being hosted in the Indian sub-continent this time. While the event is sure to engage many a fans offline, there also should be something that will engage the fans online, either by ways of interactive games or updates. Ibibo understood this and has launched CricEx for the World Cup, a virtual cricket stock exchange game that is likely to change the ways netizens hook themselves up with the ensuing cup.

According to TechWhack, ibibo ‘CricEx is a virtual trading game where one can buy and sell shares of their favorite cricket players instead of shares of companies. A complete portfolio of cricket players can be created and if the players selected perform well, one can get hold of the leader board. You can either buy or sell the players you want. Unlike cricket, there is no restriction of 11 players and one can buy as many players as one wants. However the total value of the shares you buy for each of the players cannot exceed your cash in hand.’

According to Ibibo,the aim of the game is to increase your net worth and profit by buying and selling shares of cricket players’.

Ibibo CricEx

For selling players, users can go to their portfolios and choose the player they would like to sell. The price of a player is determined by his performance in the match. Better the performance, higher the price. For instance, when a batsman hits a sixer, his price would increase and that of the bowler would decrease. The opposite also holds right. Apart from this, the price of the player also changes with every over. Also, the players stocks can be sold or bought anytime. However, the players’ price change happens only during an instance of live match. Users, on registration, are given a virtual amount of Rs.10 lakhs to enable them buying stocks of players initially.

For users who have share trading experience, they can apply the same experiences here and get themselves engaged in this exciting game. Ibibo is also eyeing on launching the mobile version of this game.

We at WATblog took a sneak peak of the site. It allows Facebook sign in apart from a normal registration form. The home page has four important tabs viz. My Portfolio, My Watch list, Buy Players and Sell Players. The interface seems quite interactive and it’s a breeze playing with all of them. The game is simple and fun. A brilliant idea indeed. Let us know if you have tried it out or not.

As the World Cup beckons, cricket fantasies are also turning digital and becoming bigger and better. Exchange4Media has an interesting write-up on this subject. It says that fantasy cricket leagues and online cricket games have sprung up on the web. For instance, Dream11 is one such game (with 600,000 players already) that enables users to come to the site, play cricket and interact with other users in the community. This is quite different from those sites that simply offer scores and commentary. Another one is Super Selector (which has been around for a while) from ESPN-STAR Sports that allows users to create a fantasy cricket team and award points to these players based on their performances in the actual world cup matches.

There is also an SMS based game called PlayUp that enables users to test their cricket knowledge by making them answer to certain questions on anything related to cricket. And also various apps for Apple iPad and iPhone that have come up in view of the ensuing ICC Cricket World Cup. There are both free as well as paid apps to choose from.

Indeed, it’s raining cricket all around at this point of time. While the teams from the 14 cricketing nations are gearing up to rise to the occasion, certain organizations are vying to mint money by acknowledging the cricket fantasies of the fans around the world. With so many of them battling it out, let us see who makes the best bang for the buck.

Have you chosen your way to get yourself engaged this world cup? Let us know.

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