Reliance Ramps Up R World; Indian Language Content Coming Soon..

In December, we wrote that Reliance Communications had tied up with Motricity for a 3G ready R world. Days after that it began the roll out of its 3G services. Today, the company announced that after a good initial response to R World, it will continue to use Motricity’s m-core platform to offer a wider range of advanced services related to mobile commerce, advertising and location.

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It also announced that it intends to make the platform multi-lingual. Not surprisingly Hindi will be the first language, though the company added that other popular Indian languages would follow as well. It also highlighted that R World will offer highly targeted marketing and ad campaigns for better mobile monetization. Apart from Indian languages, localized content was on the cards too. As were Location Based Services to help users get relevant information.

In related news, Ericsson announced yesterday that Reliance would use its estore solution to power its Application Store. Reliance’s App World will offer both free and paid apps – no surprises there. There will be a mix of Indian and International Apps across categories like games, business, lifestyle, travel, finance etc. It is also expected to have some applications meant exclusively for Reliance subscribers.

Just a few days ago, we reported that Idea would also be using Ericsson’s estore platform for its App Store. We’ve been hearing plenty of things related to App stores over the past couple of days. Some Indian ones, some international. Reliance had last year inked a partnership with GetJar which gave R World users access to GetJars large collection of apps. Incidentally, GetJar recently announced that it had raised $25 million.

Where do you see the App Store Mania headed in the future? Let us know what you think…

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