Mumbai Police To Facilitate Online Lodging Of Complaints

If you are a Mumbaikar and have something to complain about to your local police station, you will not need to go there to do so. All thanks to the Mumbai Police that is all set to make police complaints lodging process a breeze in the city.

The department will launch the service on the official website of the state of Maharashtra. People can file complaints by logging onto the site. Whenever a complaint is filed, the service sends the complainant an acknowledgment in the form of an SMS and an e-complaint number. However, there is a flipside to it. The e-complaint cannot do away with an FIR. That means a complainant would be required to file an FIR for the case. To facilitate this, the police department will set an appointment with him/her once the e-complaint has been lodged.


Mumbai Mirror reported of Rajkumar Vhatkar, the deputy commissioner of Police (Operations) saying “The best part of this e-complaint facility is that every e-complaint will have accountability. As the complaint progresses, the complainant will be informed at each and every stage.”

The report further said that the progress of a case will be updated online so as to enable senior police officers and the Home department of the state to monitor the complaint. In the case of a complainant having any doubt over the jurisdiction matters, he/she would be provided with maps of each and every police station for quick reference. The initiative would have possibly taken up as the police department was having a hard time converting the large numbers of complaints that they receive every year, into FIRs. In 2010 alone, there were more than 20,000 complaints.

The service would be available Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane this week. It is believed that people, who usually have a no-no attitude of going to police stations due to fear or any other factors, will now extend their warm cooperation. And with the unique e-complaint number, they can always complaint to the higher authorities concerning their cases, if any.

However, the Mumbai police warns people of complaining only the genuine cases or they may end up getting into troubles.

Now, this is yet another addition to the ongoing trend of e-governance in the country. The Haryana government has already walked the e-way for all the employment exchanges in the state. That remained, there are certain initiatives from different police departments across the country to beat crimes and maintain law and order. For instance, Hyderabad has an exclusive cyber police station to curb cyber crimes. Likewise Delhi Traffic Police and Kanpur City Police have their own Facebook accounts to enable easier interface with the public.

Initiatives like these should be encouraged and initiated so that there remains a transparency between the government and the people in the country. At this time when rampant corruption and uncontrolled crimes have become an order of the day, it is expected of the concerned authorities to take up the right and effective initiatives for our common good.

What do you think about this new initiative from the Mumbai Police? Let us know.

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  1. Sunita
    February 3, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    What about traffic complains? Is that seperate?
    It is painful and very risky to life to see people on two wheelers not following traffic rules.

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