Government Insists On Access To BlackBerry Emails And TRAI Postpones NCPR Implementation

BlackBerry Saga Continues….

Yesterday was January 31st – the deadline for RIM to have provided Indian Security Agencies with access to all its services. Last week, RIM reiterated that it would not be technically feasible for the company to provide access to its Corporate Email Services. So far the company has been able to successfully provide access to voice calls, BlackBerry Messenger services, chat services and text messages for snooping.

BlackBerry India

We have constantly followed the back and forth between the two sides and for now it looks like the stalemate will continue. Yesterday the Home Minister, P. Chidamabaram insisted that RIM provide access to its enterprise email services just as they have done with other services. Sachin Pilot added that India is in no position to compromise on matters concerning security and that it cannot afford to have any loopholes.

After this many papers reported that RIM’s saw its share prices drop. The company has had a rough week. China’s ZTE Corp knocked it off the top 5 mobile phone sellers. Its services faced outages in the US over the weekend. And recent reports have suggested that Android’s surge has hit them the most.

The added uncertainty makes matters worse for them as this adds to speculation over whether its services will be banned in India or not. Do you think they will?

NCPR Implementation Postponed To March 1st

do not call

Remember NCPR? Yes, the TRAI regulation that requires all Telemarketers to register themselves with the regulator. It also recommended higher penalties for those who violated the terms – and advocated a ban for repeat offenders, a reduction in registration period to 7 days from 45 days among other things. Now Reports suggest that owing to the DoT’s decision to allocate ’140′ series instead of the proposed ’70′ series the date for implementation will have to be moved to March 1st.

The telemarketer registration process began as scheduled on January 15th and subscribers can start registering on 10th February(how to). The new rules will come into effect on 1st March 2011.

Will the new rules succeed? Or do they over-reach? Let us know what you think!

One Response to “Government Insists On Access To BlackBerry Emails And TRAI Postpones NCPR Implementation”

  1. Mitesh Thakker
    February 6, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    Firstly I thank… TRAI for such a NCPR initiative to curb Unsolicited SMS & Phone Calls, both SMS & Phone Calls as well as Email are Personal Communication Media’s and should not be used for Broadcasting / Spamming.

    We all acknowledge that un-solicitated calling is a menace, and that’s why there is a hugh industry for permission based contact (PULL Marketing), and Digital Advertising Industry is all about that.

    Where-in consumer looks at Advertisement on either Internet, Newspaper, TV, Radio, or Outdoor Hording and very purpose of sending SMS (PULL) to Short-code or filling Contact us form is to ask company to call him/her back to provide more details that can help him to make a purchase decision.

    This is by and large

    ‘SOLICITED’ contact,

    But as per new NCPR / NDNC guide-lines it seems that in process to crub UN-SOLICITED messages & calls, even SOLICITED MESSAGES are not allowed without scrubbing and even penalty applies to consumers who complain but they were one who actually Contacted the Brand / Advertiser FIRST.

    And Advertiser is merely calling back, to provide more information.

    There should be some kind of Grievance Cell or Ombudsmen to check if the complain by the victim is valid or not, and tele-marketer is actually on fault or not.

    TRAI should give clarity on How Advertisers can contact their Leads/prospects who are on DND List but have solicited information.
    What happens when a person plays a Prank ?,.. First he fills a web-form or sends SMS to Short-code and when he gets call he denise of making any inquiry and complains to TRAI and gets Rs.500 reward… This Pranks can just put PULL based genuine tele-marketer / Advertiser in trouble and made to pay high penalties.

    CLARITY PLEASE..TRAI.. Don’t uproot Roses while you uproot Weeds !


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