Ebay India Introduces Group Buying

If you thought Groupon’s entry into the Group Buying space in India would be the biggest news for ecommerce in January, you could be wrong. Ebay India, sent out email notifications to its users last evening announcing its own daily deals section. I say ‘could’, because only the coming months will tell us which was a bigger move. But either way, they are both pretty significant.

ebay social shopping

Ebay India is promoting these deals on their home page but you can also find them on http://kuponanindia.ebaysocialapps.com. As of now it looks like Mumbai and Delhi are the only cities, but expect that list to grow very soon. Ebay’s US website introduced group buying towards the end of last year and so it was only a matter of time before it started rolling out to other country portals too.

The concept is the same as any other group buying portal and you can read the FAQ section here. The reason this move seems so huge is because of ebay.in’s footprint in India. Of all the Group Buying portals in India, Snapdeal is the only one that has a larger reach than ebay – it passed ebay sometime in mid november. But ebay still ranks higher than the rest on other parameters.(via alexa)

ebay reach comparison

It is too early to predict where things will go from here though. Ebay’s entry may shake up some of the incumbents. Normally you could argue that momentum is not on their side, but with the number of users they have, and their reach including a number of smaller towns – it is academic. If they manage to get some killer deals they could really give the existing group buying sites a run for their..er..our money. Exciting times ahead for shoppers and observers as increased competition will invariably result in better deals. :)

There doesn’t seem to be a web interface for sellers wanting to offer deals to get in touch with ebay just yet. Something I’m sure they will be looking to add as it scales up.(If you’ve spotted one – do let us know).

What do you think about ebay India’s entry into the space? How do you think this will affect the others? Let us know!

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  1. January 13, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    I don’t feel snapdeal is better option. We have to wait what ebay has to offer and how they promote it in fornt of users who are new to this.

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