Personal Social Networking Sites Help People Avoid Privacy Issues

There is no denying the fact that we have nothing to compare with Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social networking. In spite of that, sometimes the privacy issues and the unrelated clutters of these sites bug everyone and give them a pain in the wrong place :)

If it has been your wish to get rid of those, then there is nothing that you can do except creating your own social networking space that allows you to connect with your friends and acquaintances. And doing that is quite simple. There are as many as 40 web-based services that allow you to build your own social networking site. By doing so, you can add or remove features that you want or hate. Some of the popular sites that offers the service include Ning, KickApps, CrowdVine, GoingOn, CollectiveX,, PeopleAggregator,Haystack and ONEsite.

According to Net4India, a popular web design and hosting company in India, there are many groups of users including college students, professionals or business houses that create their own networking sites via these websites to network among themselves and even with outsiders. The best part of such websites is that they give users a click and drag options to users thereby making the process of network creation a breeze.


While most of these providers are based outside India, the people over here seem to be exploring them to create networks that are within their control. Though there is no accurate data on the exact number of Indian based networks, there certainly are more than hundreds of sites ranging from popular to not so popular ones. Media Club of India and KCommunity on Ning are two sites that have managed to get 5000 and 1000 members respectively. More than just networking sites, people find them useful for writing blogs as against business houses, which use them for creating private networks. Essel Technologies and GlobalLogic are some of the companies that have gainfully created such social networks for their internal communication purposes.

As the Economic Times reports, these service providers offer three types of services. They include a DIY solution where some forms are to be filled up, a social networking software to create the site at the client’s end and a service that requires them to work closely with the clients based on their needs.

According to TechCrunch, Ning is a clear winner when it comes to design, features and UI. On the other hand, KickApps offer its users a technology that helps them integrate social networking components into existing sites. For those who are just looking for simple social networks for mere communication purposes, CrowdVine and Haystack are good options. In the collaboration segment, CollectiveX rules the roost. Last, but not the least, GoingOn offers the services that are offered by both Ning and KickApps.

Rather than just getting rid of the privacy issues and unwanted features from big social networking sites like Facebook, creating personal social networking site help people to interact with the public and also pass a message or agenda that would be of interest to them. Companies can release their news and press release via such site. Altogether, it seems to be a win-win situation for both individuals as well as companies if it clicks.

And while creating your own social networking site, just make sure that you choose the best and up-to-date provider or software to ensure that the site has the best and up-to-date features. However, it’s all easier said than done. Creating a site and making it popular is no child’s play. You would have to shell out your time, energy and money on a big scale. If you consider this, you would be better off spending them on getting to people on the sites they are already hooked up to rather than making them use yours, which is a tedious job. Moreover, in front of biggies like Facebook and Twitter, you are sure to have a hard time.

So, before you plunge into it, just consider this. Is it better to get accustomed to the privacy laws of the major social networking sites and make life easier or start anew on your own and have a not-so-easy life bringing it up? What do you think?

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